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Bringing you the Power to Interconnect.

Here at Umz Games, we don’t confine your gaming experiences to the standard linear process you are used to.
We do start with our beautifully made games so you enjoy the first step, but we expand and reach far beyond that. Every gaming experience is increased ten-fold by a single interconnection. We merge two gaming experiences to bring you something new. The Gamer’s Reality blurs the line that marks the end of a game and allows its legacy to flow forward even after you’ve finished with it.

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Natural Flow

We don’t ever engage in harsh interconnecting. The experience is seamless and painless.


We don’t put a cap on value, quantities or the number of interconnections possible.

Check out the latest release: Star Blaster Idle War Clicker

The Original Star Blaster

A battle amongst the stars giving you control over a full star unit to create as much mayhem and havoc as you can handle! We’ve taken the greatness of the original game, refined the battle system and beautified the graphics, then thrown in a few new elements to make a major difference!
The result is a full fledged war amongst the stars, with various units, enemies and bosses all for your entertainment.

The Idle Element

We’ve thrown in the idle element to mix things up a little! You can either play aggressively or very relaxed for this one and both can be just as lucrative and helpful as each other! There’s no right way to go about it, just choose your level of idleness or activity.

The Clicker Element

The crazy amount of excitement that comes from clicking the main star in this game is definitely unique to Star Blaster. The bonuses, power ups and events that come from a simple clicker changes the dynamics of the game completely, making this one of the most exciting and rewarding clickers on the market.

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