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Contact us directly via the Contact Us page or email us your feedback for Killer Ant Empire ALPHA now. Fear not if you don’t have an email account (or just don’t want to email us), we’re also available on Social Media, just look for Umz Games and we’ll be there, no doubt about it! Click on any of the social links in the navigation bar and connect to us there.

Killer Ant Empire also has a dedicated account where we post our bulletin updates, links to relevant articles in our news and also much of the trivia, information and fun kANTe facts. Follow our hashtag #kante or use it so we can find your posts about Killer Ant Empire. Tag @KillerANTEmpire in your game screen shots, or just @ us with anything you want us to see.

kANTe Twitter is always active so you won’t be disappointed! If you know the answers to any of the Ant trivia questions be sure so answer them. And, if you want to learn more about our Midas Ants, you can cycle through all the #kante facts cards we’ve released. There is so much packed into our games you will love playing them and learning about them.

Also, here’s a fun fact! If you send us a screen shot of your base and you playing the game, we’ll use it for our screen shots, tweets and gallery.