Surge is the Hero character from USF. We really loved his design, his powers and attributes so much we decided to introduce him into our Gaming Reality. He was of course a hero there, so he is nothing less here! His story in Surge Rescue Game (play here) is a simple tale of rescuing the captive citizens of Blocky Town. They are captured and held in captivity by the Demons and Devils of the Floor where they are made to work and entertain. When the Devils are tired of their antics, or when the citizens becomes sick or injured, they are executed. In this game Surge saves these unfortunates from their fate.

Surge is one of our most fun and exciting titles. It was crafted to be a short and simple for our players. It is played with just the mouse, with Surge following the cursor and attacking where the player clicks. The objective is to guide your companion from one side of the map to the opposite safely. If they are attacked or hit, they die instantly and it’s Game Over. The game has gained renown. It is easily one of the most thrilling and intense chases you will experience on Kongregate.

More information about Surge is on this page, and more will be added as we move forward.


We are packing Surge full of features to make it better

Here Comes the Update

Day Project
This update brings about some spectacular improvements. The graphics have been enhanced and the map is much more detailed and beautiful than ever before. New controls have been introduced, with an on-screen cursor to follow as well as an a huge improvement to AI. Both your citizens and enemies are much smarter, so be careful! We’ve also been busy working on the obstacles and map objects so it’s a little more than a straight line. What’s more, we’ve got bosses in the pipeline! With all the new features we could have called this Surge Rescue Game 2, but.. because it’s so popular, we just want to make our players happy.

Umz Webber

The Master of Umz Gmaes.