We’ve been building our latest titles in HTML5 using the Phaser game engine and we’ve been questioned about why we’ve made the switch! Well it’s not hard to know if it’s not hard to ask! We’re really happy with Phaser and we’d love to discuss it right here for everyone else to get some insight.

First of all, the best explanation about Phaser and what it is definitely comes from the creators, so you can check our the official Phaser page to find out more in detail, and try it yourself (click here). You’ll be able to find out all about the engine, try the examples, look at the code, read through the newsletter etc. It has some wonderful information that devs should definitely take a look at.
If you’re more interested in just playing the games to see the proof in the pudding, there are many great games that make appearances in the newsletter and recent posts, so take a look there.


Killer Ant Empire (RED)

The latest rendition and updates for Killer Ant Empire are being made in HTML5 using Phaser.

Play the Game
Web Browser (Mobile Friendly)

MTS Dunker

Our basketball dunking hit was built in HTML5 using Phaser

Play the Game

So what were our reasons?

Why choose HTML5

We were looking for a way to expand into more platforms that just mobile and specifically we wanted to create gamesĀ for browsers. There are so many amazing games we’ve all played over the years on browsers that we wanted to create amazing experiences too. There are many ways to create browser games, but none as good as HTML5.

Browsers Games

Canyon Glider, Burito Bison, Runescape… From big to small there are many spectacular games made for the browser and we want to add to that legend. Browser games are a big part of the gaming industry, and gamers as a whole. They are super accessible and always better when accessible from multiple devices. We are working towards creating games that can be played on browsers, across all devices and interconnect across multiple games.

HTML5 is by far the easiest method we’ve found to creating cross platform browser games, supported on multiple devices and browsers without needing to install a plugin. It works at a reasonably good speed too. As browsers and tech improves, it’s able to handle heavier tasks and do much more, so the future browser games will only become even more impressive.

Development Ease

After switching computers, gaming engines, languages… Etc. One of the biggest factors for choosing our development technology was the ease of setting up and developing. We picked Phaser because of the GREAT community support (ACTIVE Forums and Chat Rooms), spectacular documentation and life-savingĀ code examples. With such well developed documentation, tutorials, examples and resources for development, even if the engine had bare bones features, we would still be inclined toward using it.

The easier it is to develop a game, the better that game will be. That goes for any type of development, digital or otherwise. When the tools are great that is only half the battle won. When the instructions for using the tools are great, you’ve found yourself a real winner there!
This was one of the biggest reasons for choosing Phaser.


There is nothing more satisfying than simply writing a line of code, refreshing the browser and having it loaded. No compilation or long installations. This in itself saves us so much development time it is a struggle with patience when deploying to mobile platforms again! The days of long compilation times will be long over once developers get a taste of Instant Results!

The Future

One of the biggest reasons we decided on developing with HTML5 is future proofing. Developing once and deploying everywhere is the direction the industry is taking and needs to take. We, as developers, need to spend more of our time building great software, not making it work according to intricacies of platforms. The future is gearing toward more universal languages and standards, so it is good to learn them early.

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