So what is Slow Builder and how did it come about?

If you haven’t downloaded Slow Builder yet, you can go ahead and check it out now. Follow the huge link button below. It’s a simple builder with an interconnecting twist too. But our approach was slightly different, you don’t truly ‘build’ anything, just select and go. We wanted to craft a different experience and Slow Builder is the result. Best of all, the game has grown and improved based on what our players have told us they want.

What do you

have to do?

Unlike most traditional builders, Slow Builder isn’t focused around design and buildings. We have a bigger vision for it, so to build up your float and design your town, you’ll simply need to collect the buildings that float through the air. Redesign the town, move the buildings to specific locations, or remove the ones you don’t want completely. But the point is, don’t build it from the ground up, just select which ones to add!

Citizens are a constant source of enjoyment too. Watch them talk, zoom in to get a closer look, see what activities they get up to and enjoy watching your town grow and come to life.

What are you

trying to achieve?

You’ll need to build your town into a bustling and busy float. Diversify the amount of buildings you have and try to collect the special buildings that appear. All these things will become more valuable as further updates are rolled out.

The most valuable buildings are transport and travel buildings going forward. They will be used for your citizens to move about freely along your own float and also for them to travel to friends floats, and new floats you populate. Most of the valuable buildings appear after an ad, so be sure to keep supporting us by watching them.

Umz Webber

The Master of Umz Gmaes.