Take the battle to the Stars

in Star Blaster Idle

We’ve really listened to what our players had to say on this one, few though they were and our team sat down for long hours to discuss exactly how and where to take this game. If you haven’t played the current Star Blaster you’ll need to go ahead and enjoy that experience now before the update!

What have we got planned?

We’re mixing Idle Clicker with Shoot ’em up to create an Idle Shooter. This compound gives you the best of both worlds and is honed to our players busy lives and playing styles. You can get all the shooting action while on the move in a crowded carriage or long bus journey. Look forward to some spectacular.


We’ll be interconnecting this game with titles such as Slow Builder Game and Umz Mini Games to pull in extra elements for the game.

Idle Clicker

You’ll play idle as your main star, and click away to create soldiers to do battle. 1 click, 1 soldier. Of course there will be click upgrades!

Shoot ’em Up

Bullet hell and battle mayhem all the way! There will be non-stop waves, hordes of enemies and levels or sections to conquer in all out War.