Star Blaster

So much mayhem in just 1 click!

If you’ve seen it or heard about it, you already know there is so much buzz surrounding Star Blaster already. But what is it about these simple Idle Clicker games that makes them so attractive and addictive to players?

Well, first for clarity, it’s not every single player that loves idle clickers. Casual gamers (VERY casual) enjoy simple mechanics, simple stories and very easy to pick up and drop down games. Anything game easy to pick up and understand immediately is loved by casual gamers.

Of course, take a look at Star Blaster now before we change the mechanics. It’s currently available on Play Store for Android only but we’ll be adding an iOS version soon.

Easy to learn


Simple game mechanics


Learning curve


Everyone is in the gutter, but…

Some of us are looking at the Stars

Adding Idle elements to Star Blaster

So, we start from the current title first and foremost to see what we have. Star Blaster is a simple shooter. Players becomeĀ Hero StarsĀ to battle the Star Catchers that are trapping and kidnapping stars all over the galaxies. Playing a variety of levels, the Player must take on the hordes of enemies while avoiding capture themselves.

Merging Idleness into the game

Now, we’re taking the game in a new direction! We’re creating a main Star producer that will create Star Heroes and soldiers on command. Epic battles await, hundreds of soldiers will be lost all for a sake of entertainment. Mayhem and madness on screen, explosions and bullets everywhere!

We’ve taken the simple click, and stuffed it with power to create this epic Idle Shooter.

The Idle Games

So here we explore what exactly makes up an Idle Game so we can understand how the elements have been added into Star Blaster to craft a new, exciting and quite unique experience from what was present before. The games themselves consist of the player performing simple actions repeatedly, usually to gain some currency or points; thereafter they buy updates or upgrades to increase the efficiency of performing the action.

Idle games seem perfectly tuned to a never ending sense of escalation and progression. The lure is that the upgrades that seem so far away and unattainable become quickly available. This feeling of upgrading infinitely creates an insatiable rush for power.

Umz Webber

The Master of Umz Gmaes.