From concept to completion over 30 days.

We came across a very interesting Twitter hashtag #30daydev which piqued our curiosity in the best possible way. After doing a little digging, we began our journey through 30 days of development focused on Star Blaster.

Design and Planning


Coding and Development


Testing and Debuggin


We won’t start from the beginning here, because it’s just not exciting enough! But what we can say is that these 30 days have really opened a new chapter in our development cycle and strategy because we’re really seen how effective it’s been.

So what are we doing? 30 days of focused and dedicated development.
We chose to focus on Star Blaster because it’s been a long time coming. There are a few projects floating around waiting for a start, or an update, and we’ve finally scheduled them all and planned out what’s coming and when. We haven’t got a calendar up just yet but that will be coming soon too. Others on the list, Sprinter Quest and Umz Mini Games are overdue!

Day 12 : Sunday 12th November 2017

We haven’t released our development schedule publicly, although we could have, but follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the day to day development and stay in the know with how it’s going. You can ask us any questions too, we’re happy to let you know!
Today was quite a busy day so development didn’t go steaming ahead as planned. We had scheduled in creating a tutorial for what to do when the level ends, and understanding our battle system, taking on wave after wave of enemies. It was a very light day for development so it didn’t materialise completely but we still managed some dev and cleaning up some code, back ups and version control.

So what happens when not everything goes according to plan?

Simple. We’ve got everything that has been done, and needs to be done written out. On a day where we achieve the targets faster than anticipated, we go over any lacking areas and cover the work. On days like today when not everything get’s achieved as expected, we do what we can and move on the next day.
Unfinished work gets put on the excess list and we come back to it when there’s an opportunity.

Umz Webber

The Master of Umz Gmaes.