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Game Releases from Umz Games in 2018

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Our focus for 2018.

You can expect some great games as always from Umz Games in 2018, but, with a difference. This year we’ve cut out the update schedules and spontaneous releases. We’re not participating in any jams this year either! There are only 4 games on our agenda, each with a full quarter dedicated to development, refinement and marketing. So expect some well thought out, well developed and fully refined projects in 2018.

And then the Interconnections! We’ve got full interconnections planned between the games for the year so you’ll finally be able to experience and enjoy what makes Umz Games so special; Our Interconnected Experience:
The Gamers Reality.

Star Blaster Idle War Clicker

As early in the year as January we’ll be releasing Star Blaster on Google Play and towards the end of the quarter we have plans for iOS and Windows Phone.
A #1TouchWar Idle Clicker perfect for our casual players, professionals and battle lovers!

[IP 1]-[IV 4]

Interconnect with Princess Carrykin. You’ll give her more worlds to visit!

Princess Carrykin

After a month, or two, or maybe three in 2018 and we’ll see the release of the much anticipated Princess Carrykin, cross platform and fully accessible!
A point and click RTS game that puts Princess Carrykin and her nation in your care.

Sprinter Quest

Mid way into the year will see Sprinter Quest claim the mobile throne! We’re releasing it on all major mobile platforms so everyone can get it!
One of the most exciting adventure games to hit the mobile gaming world yet!


And a nice surprise! We can’t release the information just yet but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as it gets closer to the date and development starts in full.

Interconnection plans

So how are the games going to be interconnected? We’ll leave you to see that for yourself. But Star Blaster will be coming first, so be sure to get it and maximise your Star before the updates and next game releases.

And that’s our preliminary report for the coming year! 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for us and for all our players so stay connected and up to date with everything we’re doing!

Umz Webber

The Master of Umz Gmaes.