Get social with us this year

We want to talk to you too!

Get social with us this year and you’ll probably be seeing some of your comments, tweets, feedback and reviews all over our accounts. We’re working to become the most interactive business to our players, because your feedback really does make all the difference. So always feel open to communicate with us on any and every social platform. We’re always happy to hear from you.


On Twitter we’ll mostly be looking out for interesting finds, glitches, bugs etc. And a lot of the new features we put into updates come from Tweets. We’re always interested in Twitter conversations, they give us insights and ideas by the hundreds! Find us on Twitter.


Our Instagram is usually focused around our games, so send us your best action shots, glitches, scores, angles and cinmatics! If you’ve got a short video we’d love to have it too. We also love to see and post up the best gaming set ups, so keep sharing your best with us and we’ll keep sharing it. Find us on Instagram.


We’re just starting out on our Facebook journey, so we’d be happy for you to join us. Build our gaming community or invite us to yours! Like the page. Share and tag us. We want to see what this social platform has to offer. Find us on Facebook.


On Google+ we’ve got all our behind the scenes stuff coming up. It’s also the first place we’ll be posting fresh concepts and developing new storylines with all the input that comes in. So come here if you’d like to see a different story or get some character background. Or perhaps create a new character completely. Find us on Google+


We’ll be recording lots of gameplay for out trailers, unless yours is good enough, then we’ll just be using your video (with your permission of course). Find us on YouTube.

What we do with your feedback

And the reason we want it from you

No feedback is overlooked. Even reviews you leave on Play Store are all read and stored and then replied to when we have the time to get through them all. So don’t forget to give us a rating and a message when you play the games. We literally have sheets upon sheets of player feedback and reviews that we use when we’re making key decisions in game development. Whether there will be new levels or new characters could be down to what you say. So say it! Be social!

And don’t forget you can always email us direct or use the contact page to send us a message directly from this website.

Umz Webber

The Master of Umz Gmaes.