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CarryKins Online Interconnected with Clicker & Deliver

So what do we mean by CarryKins Interconnected Online with Clicker and Deliver?
Well firstly, if you’re yet to play these games, go and play them both now, then come back for the explanation:

Click here to play CarryKins Online / Click here to play CarryKins Clicker and Deliver

What are CarryKins

Our lovable characters that do exactly what their name says. CarryKins Carry Things.
We are creating a page with all the CarryKins game titles so you can follow them and their story; compiled from the games and put together in chronological order.
We’ll also show the games and places where CarryKins Interconnected across their titles and other titles (look out for Surge Rescue Game 2).

What about Interconnecting?

Interconnecting gaming experiences is what we believe and do best. The time, effort and passion that goes into creating and playing a game should not always end when the game does. Sometimes it’s just one thing, but it needs to continue after the game ends, or when you stop playing it.
Interconnections do just that.

Umz Games Interconnected Gaming or The Gamers Reality is a complex structure of Interconnected games. You are able to swap game characters, weapons, items, currency and more between Interconnected games.

CarryKins Interconnected
CarryKins Online ITCN CarryKins Clicker and Deliver

What does this Interconnection do?

The interconnection between CarryKins Online and CarryKins Clicker and Deliver lets you take CarryKins from the global population and use them in Clicker and Deliver. The global population are Numbers, so they start with a higher level and can be used elsewhere.

We’re so excited about this interconnection! It’s the first one we have live, and there are many more to come. Stay tuned and happy gaming.

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