Game Feedback for CarryKins Hot & Cold

CarryKins Hot & Cold is our treasure hunting classic inspired by FFIX’s Chocobo Hot & Cold. You play as a team of CarryKins, searching through different levels for buried treasures. Along the way you can unlock different powers and more players, fight many different wild animals and interconnect with CarryKins Online to unlock the Claws ability.

What did players think?

So far we’ve had a great reception to the game, and all of our player feedback has been good, specifically that the game is really fun to play.
The graphics and overall finish are high quality and the controls were simple and responsive.
The battle system didn’t fare too well, as it doesn’t seem to blend well enough into the game and the levelling up system wasn’t clear enough.
Short feedback summary:

  • Really fun digging for treasure
  • The time limit should be extended or removed (free digging mode)
  • Indicators showing where player has dug already
  • Battles need an interactive tutorial
  • Tutorials need to be clearer and explain in baby steps
  • Leveling up needs to be explained

Main insights

The main premise of the game is fun and  very easy to understand but the extended features and information around it is not being translated as well.
We’ll need to hold the player’s hand through the early stages in the process as our current system does not explain the background information in the game. Direction and progression need to be much clearer.

New Direction

We’ll be moving toward a free digging type of game and away from the strict FFIX style timed rounds. We want to make our tutorials event based rather than linear and allow the player the freedom to move and dig where they want.

We’re looking at a central marketplace where players will buy and sell the goods they dig up and use their earnings to build and develop their own small village.


Currently we’re aiming to get regular updates twice a month depending on the workload. But if that’s not possible then at least an update monthly.

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