Killer Ant Empire is returning

Killer Ant Empire is returning soon. With years of development, multiple versions released and so much player feedback, we are building something spectacular for all of our ant loving gamers.

All about the game

For those of you who are unaware, Killer Ant Empire is our game about Ants Of course! Available to play on android devices and very popular especially among ant lovers.
You control an ant colony and traverse the lands to find food, enemies and more ants. Your colony grows and your strength grows with it. The world of ants unravels before you until you are driven mad with power.

There is no strong storyline or progression path to follow. As with any real ant colony; your only concern is collecting enough resources to maintain and grow the colony. The lack of story makes Killer Ant Empire much easier to play than most ant games because you control the pace of progression.

The controls have been reviewed and simplified. The ants are smarter now. Just touch the things you want to collect or attack. Double tap an area to automatically collect or attack everything nearby. The best suited ant will always be first to respond and numbers are spread evenly between targets. No need for long and complicated tutorials because the control system is better designed.

Release date is TBA

Killer Ant Empire is returning soon! We don’t have an exact date yet, but, we’re aiming for the end of 2020 to get it release ready.
To keep up to date with news, screenshots and development, follow the Twitter page.
And yes, we are still accepting ideas, suggestions and requests for features to be added into the game. As always, thank you for playing, reading and following Killer Ant Empire; your support keeps the game going.

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