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CreatingInterconnected Experiences

We'recompletely focused on creating the new era of gaming. Instead of DLC's and feature releases we're pushing towards an interconnected stratosphere of games! We're breathing life into old and new titles; we're connecting genre's and interconnecting your favourite gaming experiences to change things for the better, for both developers and players.


A little about us

We’re a small UK based game development and publishing company.

A little bit unorthodox, different and driven by the love of games. Probably the most relaxed and fun company you’ll come across; we follow our own set of rules but always make sure to build games that will be fun, loved and enjoyed by all our players.
We’re driven to grow and progress. All input is good input. All learning is good learning.

Risk Everthing. Everything or Nothing.

The most important thing at Umz Games is progress.
We follow the path we believe in, and keep looking forward to accomplish the change we’ve been working toward.

We’ll build and maintain The Gamers Reality: The future of the gaming industry for gamers and game developers.

Our Process.

Games should be fun. The heart of the game should be fun. We play games for the escapism and the enjoyment of the experience, so when we are crafting these experiences and interconnecting these games we focus on the fun factor first.

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