Enter Into the Gamer's Reality.

Gaming the Interconnected way, combining and weaving experiences into a single interconnected world.

We don't like to speak too much on it, but you'll always see the passion in our work.

UmzGame Dev

We believe games should be fun. We also believe they should be fun experiences that leave the you feeling rewarded, enlightened and entertained.
Games should teach, train and improve our your knowledge and ability. Since they can do so much good, there’s no good reason not to make them do it! We believe in games and what they are able to achieve.

Our passion drives us to create gaming experiences that will connect with you.
We take emotional cues with deep bonds and interconnect them into other games to give you a new Interconnected experience like no other.
We believe it’s time to take gaming experiences to a new level.

So we would like to welcome you to Umz Games Interconnected Gaming.

The Gamers Reality.

The Games