Killer Ant Empire an Ant Colony Game 2021

Killer Ant Empire is our mobile ant colony game built for ant lovers and strategy game players. The gaming experience is crafted around controlling and managing the colony as a whole. As players that enjoyed games like Age of Empires, we deliver that feeling of overviewing the whole battle field, and controlling the entire colony.

As we research more and learn more about ants; their behaviours, abilities and habitats, we expand and improve the game using this new found knowledge. Killer Ant Empire has come a long way from its beginnings and we will push it further.

The gaming experience we are building will focus more on colony management. We love the idea of a world map to show and explore your empire, with specific quests, mini games and activities at each location.

Origins of the game

We have dedicated many hours into watching ants and researching them. This fascination lead us to create a game about them. As is the nature of ants, conquering territories and consuming all that is in their path, we found this genre is the best fit.

We first released Killer Ant Empire in 2014. Since then we have switched game engines, programming languages, graphics and game play styles many times. As many of our long time players have stated, it has been a wild journey.

Finally, we have arrived at version Gold, currently in BETA. We have applied all the lessons we learned from version black, player feedback, market research, etc.

Our long term users are in agreement: this is the best version of Killer Ant Empire.

I've played all four versions of these, but beta "Gold" is the best of them. It is a lot less repetitive than the earlier versions - Black, Red, and Blue. However, it's still kind of repetitive, the most significant change being docile and hostile enemies. Despite this, Killer Ant Empire always has been, and always will be, the best ant game. -Nony Business (Google Play)

Our update schedule

So for those of you joining or continuing our journey with us, we are sticking to a more structured update schedule for 2021. We will be releasing a mixture of major and minor updates regularly.

Our major updates will be following our pre-planned development cycle. These will include new game modes and features, new graphics, stages and maps. Major updates are due once a month or once every two months. All major updates are released via play store and require an updated APK.

Minor updates contain bug fixes, player requested features, small additions from suggestions, etc. Generally, all minor releases will auto-update when you open the game, and we release minor updates weekly or fortnightly.

If you haven’t played Killer Ant Empire yet, you can download it now. It is currently only available on Android. When we are out of BETA we will push the game to various other platforms so stay tuned. We have Twitter and Discord too, so connect with us today!