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We have been studying Ants and have been amazed by everything the do and create. We’re building and improving kANTe frequently to ensure you are given the best Ant gaming experience available on the market!

But research alone is not enough! Since conception, we’ve changed our game engine to Phaser. We needed more power, more features and more flexibility and we’ve got it now.
Now we’re moving towards implementing all our research and all of your feedback into updating the game until it is as great as it should be.






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Gold Hoarding Midas Ants

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The best Ants to

Raise are Midas Ants

A large species of Ant best known for its Gold Hoarding, the Midas Ants are highly efficient and aggressive. They spend their lives digging and excavating huge tunnels in search of Gold which they keep in their chambers. It is still unknown exactly why they collect the gold or how they use it, but here are some facts about them:

  • ┬áMidas Ants create super colonies when the meet
  • Queens are recorded to live up to 2 decades
  • The average colony stores 1 kilogram of gold
  • The ants can survive up to 24 hours underwater

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