Collaborating with Make Time Sports was one of our greatest achievements and proudest moments.

We worked a long and hard while on this one to be sure we were bring you only the very best in entertainment to represent Slam Dunks at Make Time Sports. This is what we came up with and this is the one everyone that played it loved!

Built With browsers In Mind

MTS Dunker was built from the ground up, using artwork from the talented groups of artists on OpenGameArt and the internal talent at Umz Games, we created a beautiful scenic environment where the game takes place. Just you and the basketball court before you. A single hoop, a single net, and a host of balls just begging to be slammed into the net.

This is easier said than done, especially using a mouse or tracking pad, so we took extra care and time to test and hone MTS Dunker for playing smoothly, responsively and accurately across all major browsers.

Salient was built from the ground up with responsive design in mind rather than it being an after thought. Your users will appreciate the difference of it’s carefully planned layouts and browse your site with ease no matter the device! In addition, Retina support will guarantee your site displays as crisp as possible on the latest devices.

Perfect On All Devices

We didn’t just stop at browsers however! Harnessing the awesome power of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS we’re able to provide the exact same experience on mobile browsers too. You don’t need to download anything, just open up the browser and play it right here on Umz Games.

And what’s better than using your hands to dunk the ball into the net? Nothing! So get involved and get dunking. We’ve tested on older and newer devices to be sure you’re always in for some slam dunks.

And as with all our titles, we’ll be firing up a new update very soon too! The next update due for MTS Dunker is in November 2017 so keep your eyes and ears on this space.


Coded to Pixel Perfection

Are you ready to show off & make some jaws drop with your dunking skills?