Build your Float

and Watch it Work

A simpler title for those that enjoy watching cities grow. Our very own Slow Builder is honed and crafted for the town and city builders amongst you, the creative genius’ and architects.

YOU are free to build your town, your way. You’re quite the architect, we assume?
However and whatever you choose to create is your choice, it’s completely up to you.

Fun To Build Your City

Watch It

We are continually


Your Feedback

We are continuously improving our game together, and your feedback is everything in the development process. Generally 50 out of every 100 users leave a written review when they return to rate us, and we use always use reviews to decide what to add into the game.

Best game yet !!!! Can we get a cancel collected building feature please.

Nigel FGame Player

Umz Games, this update is AMAZING!! I also noticed that the News Reporter girl has the same name as Me!!! Wow!!!!!

AyshaGame Player

Suggestions for new normal building and special. Normal building - Library Special - Port, citizens can travel around the ocean. (can you add water as well?) Duration: 6-15 seconds. Thank you.

RobertGame Player