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Built from the Open Source, to be amazing.

Our great team really pushed through with this one to create something a little different and built from easily accessible and available sources. We wanted to show all indies that it’s possible to create well polished, beautifully visual and fun titles with nothing but openly available art and sounds.

The results. A huge success.

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Music & Sound

Menu Sounds by ViRiX Dreamcore

Main Theme by Johan Brodd


License – CC-BY-SA 3.0: –
See the file: cc-by-sa-3.0.txt GNU GPL 3.0: –
See the file: gpl-3.0.txt
Assets for the tileset:
LPC participants:
Casper Nilsson * GNU GPL 3.0 or later email: Freenode: CasperN C.Nilsson  – LPC C.Nilsson (2D art)
Daniel Eddeland * GNU GPL 3.0 or later
Johann CHARLOT * GNU LGPL Version 3. * Later versions are permitted. Homepage – Email:
Skyler Robert Colladay
Lanea Zimmerman

Coins:  gfx0 on OpenGameArt.

Surge: Art by DezrasDragons ( Based on a rendition of an original character by the OpenSurge Team (, as commissioned by ( and drawn by Stephen “Redshrike” Challener; and an original character design by Jason-Em (

Every Hero has
a story to tell

Play as Surge once again as he is on another mission to rescue the citizens on Blocky Town from the Demon Realm. Use his powers of Lightning and his speed to conquer the foes in your path. Slay his enemies and save the citizens.
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